Education and Training

The Office of Institutional Equity and Accessibility offers state-mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. The Harassment-Free Workplace web training is mandatory for all faculty and staff members within their first six months of hire. This training is currently offered online only, and can be accessed by visiting the Training Management System (TMS) website.

Accessing the Harassment-Free Workplace web training:

  1. Connect to Yale VPN.
  2. Visit the Training Management System (TMS) website.
  3. Log in with your Yale NetID and password.
  4. Select ‘Requirement’ from the left navigation.
  5. If you are shown as not compliant with the Harassment-Free Workplace (all faculty and staff) please select the appropriate training course link (supervisory or non-supervisory version). The supervisory version contains additional materials specific to supervisor obligations regarding sexual harassment.
  6. You will be directed to the Kantola Solutions website, a training company that Yale has partnered with to deliver this important sexual harassment prevention training to all Yale employees.
  7. Successfully completed required training is identified with a green checkmark on the TMS website.

If you are interested in having OIEA conduct an in-person training regarding sexual harassment prevention and response, or other related topics, please contact a member of our staff.