Preventing Sexual Harassment - FAQs

On June 18, 2019, the state of Connecticut formally enacted new legislation aimed at preventing sexual harassment in the workplace known as the “Time’s Up Act”. This new law broadens sexual harassment training requirements for all Connecticut employers.

How does this affect Yale?

Yale continue to provide two hours of sexual harassment training to all employees. This new regulation requires that all Yale employee’s participant in this mandatory training.

How does this affect Yale employees?

All current employees must complete two hours of sexual harassment training by 10/1/20.

Employees who have completed sexual harassment training at Yale via the lin-person or e-learning versions of Supervisor Training for A Harassment Free Workplace course between 10/1/2018 and 10/1/2019 have met this requirement and do not need take any action for the next ten years.

All employees hired after 10/1/19 are required to complete this training within six months of hire.

What kind of trainings are available?

We offer two courses for a Harassment Free Workplace, one for non-supervisory employees and one for supervisors. For supervisors, the courses are offered in an e-learning and instructor led formats. For non-supervisory employees, instructor led training is available.  An e-learning course for non-supervisory employees is expected to be available by December 2020.

As a supervisor, what can I do to help Yale meet this requirement?

Explain that this new requirement is designed to ensure that Yale has a workforce that is educated on the topic of sexual harassment and is aware of the reporting options.

Complete the course titled “Training for A Harassment Free Workplace” within the required timeline.

Share the new requirement with your team and discuss options for satisfying the requirement.

Can I satisfy this requirement by completing the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct course?

No. The Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct course is a 20 minute online course that all employees, trainees and students must complete as an annual requirement.

Refer team members with questions about the new requirement to the frequently asked questions on the Office of Institutional Equity and Access website or the Employee Service Center at 203-432-5552.  If a team member raises concerns about a personal experience, please consult with Office of Institutional Equity and Access at (203) 432-0849 or